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Football is known for being an extremely physical sport with the potential for high impact collisions. In the old days guys would just roll the dice and hope not to sustain an injury. But the game has evolved to where that isn’t possible anymore. Having the right technique and skill, combined with the best protective gear is the only way to prevent injury.

So do yourself a favor and pick up one of the best football girdles. It’s the right step towards getting the protection you need.

Comparison Chart: 10 Best Football Girdles

We’ve curated a list of the top 10 girdles for football! They’ve been arranged in price-ascending order and are categorized by padding, size, price, and more. Please have a look over the table to get a feel for what works best.

ImageGirdleNumber of PadsSizesPrice
Champro TRI-FLEX-Integrated Football Girdle 5Small-4XL
Rawlings Men’s Fgp5-Protective Pant 5Small
Alleson Athletic Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle7Xsmall-3XL
Under Armour Men’s UA HeatGear Six Pocket Football Girdle 6Small
Barnett-Padded Compression Shorts5Small
Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle 7Small-4XL
Cramer Thunders 5-Football Girdle 5Small-4XL
Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax5XSmall-2XL
TAG ALT II Adult High Rise 5-Pad Integrated Girdle 5Small-4XL
McDavid Hex Short with Contoured Wrap Around Thigh5Small-XL

Closer Look: Top 10 Best Football Girdles

These top 10 girdles offer a range of options for any budget. A quality girdle will ensure maximum protection for the roughest of tackles, and furthermore offer better durability than cheap products. The padding is thick enough to absorb extreme impact and lessen the blow.

Flexibility is also another important feature in the ideal girdle, allowing the player a wide-range of motion at high speeds. Anti-microbial protection and moisture-wicking technology keeps you free form bacterial odors and moisture buildup.

After carrying out various tests regarding performance, flexibility, durability, ability to wick moisture, quality of the material used we came up with the following top 10 football girdles.

1. Champro TRI-FLEX-Integrated Football Girdle

Champro TRI-FLEX-Integrated Football Girdle with Built in Hip-Tail and Thigh Pads

This girdle has built in hip, tail, and thigh pads. Champro offers this integrated girdle in every Youth and Adult size imaginable. It is available in black and the white/grey style featured above. The Tri-Flex Integrated Football Girdle has excellent hard plastic shock plates and a flexible cushioning system. The pads are well ventilated, and extend above the waist. This model is made from Polyester/Spandex material, which provides optimal moisture-wicking for a high level of comfort.

2. Rawlings Men’s Fgp5-Protective Pant

Rawlings Men's Fgp5 Protective Pant Girdle

Rawlings is one of the leading brands in sports equipment and apparel, and their girdle is no exception. It has built in hard pads that protect the thigh, spine, and hips. The crotch area features a pocket for the cup. Even though the pads are sewn into the FGP5, it’s still machine washable. Plus, the intricate stitching keeps everything in place. They are extremely affordable and will last throughout a whole season of practice and games.

3. Alleson Athletic Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle

Alleson Athletic Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle

The Men’s Integrated 7-Padded Football Girdle is another longer pant type girdle, but this time from manufacturer Alleson Athletic. The compression fabric and dense built in padding is ideal for football players. Integrated Girdles with more than 5 pads are hard to come by, and cut preparation time for practice and games in half. If you are shopping for your student athlete, these are a great option.

4. Under Armour Men’s UA HeatGear Six Pocket Football Girdle

Under Armour Men's UA HeatGear Six Pocket Football Girdle

Under Armour offers one of the best all around full size, 6 pocket girdles in the UA HeatGear series. With it’s chafe-free form fitting material, and strategic ventilation these shorts will deliver superior performance.

5. Barnett-Padded Compression Shorts (Youth and Adult Sizes)

Barnett-Padded Compression Shorts

These compression shorts feature protection zones over the thighs, hips, and tail bone. A cup insert in the front is optional. These shorts are machine washable, but air dry only- do not put them in the dryer! Barnett Padded Compression Shorts are professional grade at an affordable cost.

6. Champro Man-Up 7 Pad GirdleChampro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle in Charcoal Color

The Champro Man-Up 7 Pad Girdle has a compression system that absorbs impacts in the field. With 7 protection areas, the body has the ultimate defense against tough contact. The Tri-Flex padding is low profile, striking the right balance between minimal weight and maximum protection. This gear is ideal for a mobile defender- linebackers, corners, and safeties that need to be able to move quickly and hit hard without sustaining damage.

7. Cramer Thunders 5-Football Girdle

Cramer Thunder 5 Football Girdle

Cramer Thunder 5 Football Girdle features moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material, a mesh crotch panel, plastic shell defense, and EVA foam padding zones. The padding is Integrated closed-cell Spider Web EVA foam that provides resilience without sacrificing durability. What more could you ask for?

8. Shock Doctor Shockskin Lax

Shock Doctor Lax

Shock Doctor’s Shockskin Lax is a multipurpose impact short great for athletes of all types. The unique way that the pads were constructed is what earned this girdle a high ranking in our review of best football girdles. They allow for amazing flexibility where other traditional pads provide limited range of motion, while the extended pads provide ultimate thigh protection. The pant is composed of a breathable mesh material that ensures the player stays cool.

9. TAG ALT II Adult High Rise 5-Pad Integrated Girdle

TAG ALT II Adult High-Rise 5-Pad Integrated Girdle

This adult girdle features plenty of mesh to help you stay cool. A wrap-around pad offers extra protection for the thigh and side hamstring areas, and the ventilated hip padding allows breathability and comfort. The Tag Alt II Adult High Rise 5-Pad Integrated Girdle comes in size Small to 4-XL which offers maximum comfort and protection to athletes of all positions and sizes.

10. McDavid Hex Short with Contoured Wrap Around Thighmcdavid-wrap-around-thigh

This youth girdle is designed perfectly for basketball and soccer players. It provides ideal protection while allowing maximum mobility. The hex pad that goes around the thigh provides support for defensive moves and driving to the hoop. McDavid constructed these Hex Shorts with moisture wicking material that can be machine washed and dried. The other selling point for this girdle/compression short hybrid is the size range from small to 3-XL.

What is a Girdle?

The Best Football Girdles and Compression ShortsFootball is a vigorous game involving hits, falls, and slides. The right girdle can protect you from some of the pain involved with playing, as well as increase stability. This gear is boosting in popularity among athletes in other sports such as rugby, skiing, soccer, and many other extreme sports.

While perhaps not as exciting as the helmet or shoulder pads, the girdle is still essential protection. In a proper football tackle, the hip and lower torso area is a common impact zone where athletes are trained to ‘wrap them up’ when tackling an opponent.

Football girdles are long shorts that fit snugly to the body, often times they have slots to place football pads. Sometimes, these pads are built into the shorts themselves. These pads are generally located at the hips, tailbone, and thighs. Finding the best football girdle for you, or your child, will help protect the body and remain comfortable throughout practices and games.

This review tackles all you need to know about football girdles. After reading this you will have the knowledge of the options available to you, and how to pick out the right one. You will know what exactly to look for when choosing football girdles. More information about their benefits and various brands will be provided. It was after thorough research, testing, and evaluation of various football girdles that we came up with our top 10 list of the best football girdles available in 2019.

Picking Out the Right Girdle

Finding the right girdle is fairly straightforward. Like a pair of jeans, football girdle sizing is based on your waist size. The material used in girdles fits snugly. It is made to stretch and hold the pads tightly to the body. Therefore, as long as you get about the right waist size in girdle you’ll be good to go. Our girdle size chart below is a good approximation for most brands and models.

Football Girdle Sizing Chart

4 Most Popular Types of Girdles

  1. Standard Girdles: The traditional girdle design features 5 pockets. 2 thigh pockets, 1 tail bone pocket, and 2 hip pockets. Players must buy or use league provided pads to insert into the slots. Sometimes, an additional 2 pockets for knee pads are included as well.
  2. Integrated Girdles: This style of girdle also features 5 padding areas. However, the padding is permanently sewn into the girdle.
  3. Half Integrated Girdles: A hybrid of the two girdles above, these often feature permanently sewn-in hip and tail bone pads. Generally the thigh pockets are left up to the user to customize with their own thigh pads.
  4. All-in-one Girdles: The big difference is that instead of needing to provide your own pads like with the standard girdle, an all in one girdle comes with a full set of 5 pads.

Why are Football Girdles Popular? The Key Benefits

Not long ago, most football players were a bit reluctant to buy girdles due to fear of discomfort. From an outside perspective, the form fitting nature of football girdles might make a new athlete hesitant about their ability to stay mobile and agile. Football players are prone to frequent injuries and thus need utmost protection. Football girdles are created to be a second skin for the athlete, and as compression shorts have become more popular on the market so have these. The girdles fit your thighs perfectly, which ensures that athletes can run and make sharp turns at a high level of comfort. Another selling point is the reduction of cramps that athletes have noticed while wearing them.

Football players use girdles to protect their body from hard contact. They can have confidence that when they give their best, their equipment will help to protect them. The technology used in the manufacture of these girdles ensures that your private parts aren’t bumping from side to side.  There are several girdles out there with every manufacture claiming to produce the best. Care has to be taken so as to choose the best girdles for maximum protection and comfort.

Football girdles have a flexible band in the pelvic are that gives you the right posture. This in enhanced by the firm compressed fabrics used. You can never experience back pains with the best football girdles, you will always stay relaxed. They also hold your bones and muscles in place when you are in the field. Generally girdles are the best made gadgets that offer maximum protection to your lower body by absorbing shocks and forceful impacts. They enhance your mobility and performance while still maintaining maximum comfort, as long as you invest in a high quality product.

Best Brands of Football Girdles

Men's Under Armour 5-Pad Football Girdle one of the best football girdlesIf someone is frequently engaging in war on the field or court, then they need to be equipped with the best skills and gear available. Buying the right football girdle doesn’t just imply walking into a shop and getting one. It is crucial to get detailed updates on various brands that won’t disappoint on the field. There are a plethora of brands in the market- choosing the best takes sense and effort.

There are plenty of popular and reliable brands in the market today. The bestselling brand is the famous Under Armour football girdle. They offer maximum protection with their perfect texture that fits the skin. Under Armour mastered compression garments before they became a mainstream article of sports gear. Another brand is the highly padded McDavid’s Hexpad girdles, which is popular in the collegiate level. They have a high-grade compression that supports muscles and reduces fatigue. Adams Young Football Girdle is also among the top in most popular brands in the United States. It has a 80% Polyester and 20% Lycra makeup, which creates a lightweight and breathable material. The pads also wick moisture and allow efficient flow of heat. Shock Doctor Men’s Ultra padded girdle is another brand that ensures ultimate protection for your thigh in all type of hits. Shock Doctor always ensures you have the support necessary to succeed while reducing injury potential.

Ridell Youth Football girdle brand also features built-in and extended high pads. They are mostly worn with other components. Ridell brands are among the best football girdles anyone can love. They provide maximum comfort and protection for your field battles. Not forgetting the Schutt All-in-one Girdle Football Shorts. One special feature with this brand is that it is treated with antimicrobial system which helps to inhibit bacterial growth or odors.

If you are a football player without girdles, consider choosing one from the above top brands. You will love the new field experience.

Most Popular Product Lines in Youth and Adult Girdles

Check out the various options of football girdles available in each of the following category.

Under Armour Football Girdles

McDavid Girdles

Adams Girdles

Shock Doctor Girdles

Ridell Youth Football Girdles

What to Look for When Buying the Best Football Girdle

To learn more about Football Girdles and Pants, and about how to pick out the best pair check out this helpful video!

  • Flexibility: Any good girdle should be made of fabrics that allow free movement. This means that a good girdle shouldn’t be too tight, but still fitted. Caution has to be taken not to buy a loose girdle. If the girdle is not snug, it will cause too much friction, make movement uncomfortable, and require constant adjustment.
  • Efficient Moisture-Wicking: This is a crucial feature that allows breathability. There should be free movement of air, keeping the body cool and dry.
  • Weight: A girdle shouldn’t be a burden to a player. It should be lightweight so as to ensure optimal mobility. Avoid a girdle that reduces the agility of the player.
  • Adjustable Padding: This is a great feature that enables a player to comfortably switch positions in the field. It allows for adjustments to the best fittings, depending on the role and position in the field.
  • Anti-Microbial Fabric: Anti-microbial pads ensure that your skin is free from odors. The fabric fights any bacterial developments, it will keep teammates happy, too (as well as whoever does the laundry!).
  • Nature of the Padding: This is the main feature of the girdle. You should check to ensure that the padding is premium quality and capable of shock absorbing. Optimal protection and comfort should be the main feature of any girdle padding.
  • Fitting Size: When unsure of sizing, don’t buy out of impatience. A girdle that fits the lower body well serves its purpose better. A poorly-fitting girdle can increase chances of falling. This may result in more injuries. For more about exact sizing and waist measurements visit Sports Unlimited Inc’s girdle buyers guide.
  • Longevity of the Girdle: Besides protection and comfort, girdles should last for a long duration. They should be capable of withstanding the daily wear & tear, pressure and other damages. If they last longer, they are worth every coin spent.
  • Waist Band: A girdle with a waist band allows you to adjust and secure your fitting is always ideal. The material used should be elastic and flexible. This provides comfort as you run around the field.
  • Quality of the Seam Lines: This is one way of showing the quality of a football girdle. The best football girdles have smooth and fine seam lines that keep your wear intact.

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