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Football visors are a popular hardware addition to the standard football helmet. While items such as chin straps and mouth guards are required, visors are an optional accessory. They’ve become more popular in the last few years — nobody wants to experience an eye gouging such as the one Michael Strahan endured against the Raiders. On this page you’ll find the best football visors and information on how to choose the right one for you.

Players incorporate visors into their gear to protect their eyes from a potential gouging, block out the sun, and thwart the opposing team’s players from getting any reads on their next move. Some visor manufacturers even claim their products can improve field vision and the athlete’s performance on the field.

Sometimes, players will opt to wear a visor for them style points, and to express themselves as a poll on indicated. There are many visor options available these days such as clear, tinted, and polarized visors.

Comparison Chart: 10 Best Football Visors of 2019

Here is a comparison table of the top 10 picks for 2019. We’ve got them listed for you by price ascending, and the more in-depth review follows the same order. We’ve tried to make the shopping process as easy as possible for you.

Unique Sports Youth Clear View VisorClear
EliteTek Football Eye-Shield VisorClear/Smoke
Barnett Football EyeshieldClear
Bangerz ProVU Maxx HS-9900 Football EyeshieldSmoke
Schutt Sports Optics Elite Football VisorClear
Under Armour Football VisorClear/Smoke
SHOC Visor for Football and Lacrosse HelmetsOrange Iridium
Nike Gridiron Youth Football EyeshieldClear
Oakley Football EyeshieldClear/Smoke
Oakley Blue Football EyeshieldBlue

Closer Look: Top 10 Best Football Visors

Here are the top football visors on the market in 2019. If you’re looking for the best eye protection and and wicked cool visors, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Unique Sports Clear View Football Visor

Unique Sports Youth Clear View Football Helmet Eye and Face Shield

  • Distortion Free
  • Wrapped Lens for Fit
  • Shatter Proof
  • Anti-Scratch

The Unique Sports Youth Eye Shield is a newer option that is reasonably priced. You get a quality visor for the price with a lens that is 3mm thick polycarbonate material, and has been treated with anti-fog & anti-scratch coatings.

This shield is a good match for most youth football helmets and the clear style is accepted and legal in most youth leagues.

2. EliteTek Football Eye-Shield Visor

EliteTek Football Eye-shield Visor (Clear)

  • Universal Fit
  • Anti Fog and Anti Scratch
  • Approved by All Leagues
  • Money Back Guarantee

One of the best options actually comes from a lesser known company by the name of EliteTek. It features a two clip system much like the option from Under Armour, so it is attached or removed from one helmet to the next. Anti-fog and anti-scratch coating does a satisfactory job of keeping the visor clear and player vision at 100%.

The price is right, and you still get the high quality polycarbonate used in other more expensive models. They offer this visor in a clear, light mirrored, and smoke tinted variations. Which is the best? All of their visors are top notch quality, so it just depends on personal preference. You can’t go wrong with EliteTek.

3. Barnett Football Eyeshield

Barnett Football Eyeshield Visor

  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Two-Clip System
  • Universal Fit
  • Approved by High School Leagues

The Barnett Football Eyeshield (Clear Visor) is approved by Youth, CIF, and High School leagues. The two clip system offers a universal fit that can be moved to a new helmet if/when the time comes.

The Barnett Visor features the anti-fogging and scratch coating that is expected of the best visors. While the clear lens won’t block out direct sunlight, it will still help control light intensity and prevent annoying glare. Ultimately, this is a quality clear visor for a fair price.

4. Bangerz ProVU Maxx HS-9900 Football Eyeshield

Bangerz ProVU Maxx HS-9900 Football Eye Shield

  • Fits Metal and Plastic Masks
  • Reduce Injuries
  • Eliminate Glare
  • Shatterproof

Bangerz ProVU Maxx HS-9900 Football Eyeshield sports a high impact polycarbonate, sufficient to hold pressure from up to 180+ pound linebackers.

The lens provides extra wide vision, eliminates harmful ultra violet rays, creates zero distortion, is equipped with anti fogging tech, and of course will protect the eyes from invasive limbs! This fits most metal and plastic face masks, but you need a screwdriver to install it.

5. Schutt Sports Optics Elite Football Visor

Schutt Varsity Optics Elite Football Visor

  • High Impact Plastic
  • Fits all Schutt Helmets
  • Customizable
  • Zero Distortion

The Schutt Eye Shieldworks with the Schutt brand football helmets. Their visors are hit or miss with other helmets though, so be careful (generally it will fit most Riddell and Adams football helmets).

The big benefit here is that you’re getting a perfect fit and optimal integration with your visor hardware and helmet. Of course, you either need to have a Schutt helmet to begin with or you’ll need to buy one.

This screw-in visor offers a tight, secure fit, so you don’t have to worry about it coming loose during in game action. The injection modeled lens equates to a near perfect curvature. The edges of this visor are fortified and can withstand the hardest hits on the field. As a bonus, Schutt makes this visor customizable with tab stickers in eight colors, so you can match your team’s jersey color.

6. Under Armour Football VisorUnder Armour Unisex Football Visor

  • Anti Scratch Coatings
  • Quick Release
  • Custom Logo Stickers

Under Armor Football Visor comes in a few tint options, and includes the super-flexible ArmourSight lens material. One of the best things about this visor, is that it features a universal fit with quick release clips. It snaps on to just about any helmet without the need for tools.

The visor is constructed with a lightweight polycarbonate material and is treated with a coating that makes it resistant to fogging and scratches. Under Armour makes phenomenal gear, which is why this Football Visor is top quality.

7. SHOC Visor for Football and Lacrosse Helmets

SHOC Eyeshield Visor

  • Reflective
  • Shatterproof
  • Approved for Some Leagues (check before buying)

SHOC has a large lineup of football and lacrosse visors — 15 colors in fact. They offer some flashy visors and if you’re looking for style, it is hard to beat SHOC’s visors. League permission on tinted colors is hit or miss, so check the league rules or ask the coach before buying. The anti-fog, anti-scratch, hydrophobic coating protects the lens and helps it last throughout the most brutal of seasons.

8. Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

Nike Gridiron Youth Football Eyeshield

  • Durable Construction
  • Shock Absorbing
  • High Quality Plastic

Nike Max Optics brings you an ideal wrapped lens that optimizes vision in every direction and eliminates distortion. Shock dampening attachments help reduce the risk of damaging the lens. Their lens fits the majority of helmets out there and their kit includes mounting hardware and instructions.

9. Oakley Football Eyeshield

oakley football shield

  • Blocks 100% UVA/B/C Rays
  • Coated Lens
  • Anti Fog
  • Peripheral View Protected

No doubt about it, Oakley makes some of the most advanced optical gear on the planet. The Oakley Football Eye is no exception, the HDO (High Definition Optics) lens provides players with clear, non-distorted vision on the field. The tint on this Oakley visor can be customized to player preference. Available in 20, 45, and 60 percent.

The 45% grey Oakley Football Eyeshield is a good middle ground and ideal for medium light conditions. The tint blocks 100% of UVA, UVC, and UVB rays as well as harmful blue light.

10. Oakley Blue Football Eyeshield

Oakley Blue Football Helmet Visor

  • Plutonite
  • High Def Optics
  • Anti Fog
  • Molded to Fit All Helmets

Oakley utilizes plutonite in this visor, a proprietary synthetic that Oakley claims sets a new standard for durability over polycarbonate. The contours of the Oakley visor are designed by CAD/CAM engineering methods, which helps expand peripheral vision.

The blue visor prevents the opposing team’s players from getting reads and as a bonus looks pretty cool too. Plutonite inherently blocks 100% of harmful blue light and other ultraviolet rays.

What is a Football Helmet Visor? Why do Football Players Wear Helmet Visors?

A visor, in football, is a bit of curved plastic that joins to a player’s face mask, shielding the eyes. The best football visors give a scope of advantages to players, from blocking glare from the sun to preventing eye injury. They are also helpful for players with vision issues or sensitivity to UV rays.

Some running backs prefer smoked visors to cloak their eyes, preventing the opposing team’s linebackers from getting a read on them. Of course, safety is still the biggest reason numerous players incorporate football visors in their helmet set up. As with other high impact sports, football players are susceptible to eye injuries — a visor is an additional line of defense and prevents the worst from happening.

Football visors weren’t initially about being showy and looking cool. When the football visor was first developed it was with the intention to shield a player’s eyes from the dangers of the sport.

Nowadays, they are as adaptable as the football uniform itself. Some professional teams even issue visors with their logo halogramed on the visor panel such as the Under Armor visor featured at number 10 on our list.

The best football visors help protect the eyes from poking fingers and debris, enhance athlete vision especially during sunny days, and may even score some style points during that next 30 yard break away.

The Science of Domination: Benefits of Using the Best Football Visors

Here are the top benefits of incorporating one of the best football visors into your gear.

1. Eye Protection

Football visors prevent eye injury. Football players are in danger of eyes being gouged during high impact collisions, particularly when multiple players are involved. Additionally, football cleats are another high risk factor when wearing a run-of-the-mill helmet that leaves the eyes uncovered. A good football visor covers the eyes, and will hold up to the most vigorous blows and pokes.

2. Sifting Light

Tinted football visors can help football players by reducing the glare of the sun. In a sunny climate, this can give a player a competitive advantage by enhancing his field vision and prevent distractions such as the sun dipping in and out on a cloudy day.

3. Concealing Eyes

Tinted football visors can also conceal a player’s eyes from the rival team, ensuring element of surprise is always on his side. This forces defenders to read body movement only.

4. Style

As mentioned, some players opt to use a football visor as a way to express themselves. The fact remains that everyone on the team is in the same uniform, so you only have a few pieces of gear like gloves, shoes, and helmet to win some individual style points. We have to say, a big running back with a dark visor charging at you can also be that much more intimidating.

Types of Football VisorsTypes of Football Visors

There are three broad categories of football visors that players can choose from.

  • Clear Football Visors: The primary function of clear football visors is to shield eyes from injury. Some do contribute to vision correction, and most quality ones feature shatter resistant and anti-glare/anti-fog material.
  • Tinted Football Visors: Tinted visors help reduce sunlight and shield the eyes from direct contact. This type of football visor will reduce distractions and prevent players from ‘reading the eyes’ of the wearer. But be sure to verify that they’re legal in your league.
  • Polarized Football Visors: Polarized visors are the best at blocking the glare of the sun. This gives the player better field vision even under the most intense hot weather conditions.

When you are cleaning your football visor, make sure to use proper cleaning tools as to be careful not to damage the lens.

Top Brands of the Best Football Visors

While there are still some solid options from lesser known brands, you won’t wrong buying a visor from one of the top brands below.


Schutt is a big name in football gear, especially helmets. Their visors are produced using high-density polycarbonate with a fortified edge, and will stand up to Ray Lewis type hits no problem. Of course, all Schutt visors will fit on all Schutt helmets. Schutt additionally offers tab stickers in eight colors so you can coordinate your visor with your team colors.


Oakley is the leader in optical gear and this is also apparent in their football visors. Today, competitors in more than 110 unique nations, many of those playing American football, lacrosse, and hockey, pick the Oakley Visors as their chosen shield for eye security.


Including break safe polycarbonate development, the Xenith Football Visor is unrivaled in its anti-shattering technology. Xenith Clear Eye Shield adds the most robust eye protection to your football helmet face mask. You can hit their visors with a sledge hammer and not even cause a scratch but just don’t quote us on that. Meets NFHS and NCAA determinations.


Nike is always among the leaders of athletic apparel and gear. Their visors are the best of the best. The only downside is as you’d expect, the price tag is always on the massive side.

Under Armour

Don’t simply protect your eyes. Awe your teammates and opponents. Under Armour’s fancy hologram visors are at the pinnacle of coolness on the field. Their visors are built with ArmourSight innovation so they weigh less yet stand up to more.

What to Look for in the Best Football Visor for You

Here are the top things to keep in eye on before buying a football visor.

How to Find the Best Football Visor for You

Fit – If it doesn’t fit, you can’t use it. Search for a visor that will work with your model of helmet. Also, make sure the league you are playing in does not restrict certain types of visors.

Functionality – After purchasing your visor, it is crucial to test it out before a practice or game and make sure you like it.

Lens – When looking directly through the lens, check your peripherals. You don’t want your side vision impaired by the edges of the lens. Decide if you want tinted or not. In some cases it can make things more difficult for you. If you don’t purchase a visor that has anti-glare material it will only make play more difficult.

Value – Know the middle when it comes to value. You don’t want to overpay, but even worse is sacrificing quality and getting a visor that cracks after the first time it takes a hit.

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