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Being able to have control of your lacrosse stick and head are extremely valuable to both the offensive and defensive sides of the lacrosse field. Having a high quality head can make the difference between strong passes and turnovers. If you’re wondering what makes lacrosse heads different from each other, and how to select the best one for you, look no further. We’re here to help by advising you on the best lacrosse heads for your stick on the market right now.

Lacrosse Heads

Before actually looking at which heads are on the market currently, it’s best to understand more about the process of selecting the best lacrosse heads and why it’s so important to get it right. It’s dependent also on what position you play. You want to think about factors such as the best defensive lacrosse heads, the best lacrosse heads for attack and the best lacrosse heads for middies.

Also, you can only purchase a stick which has an appropriate shaft. So be aware that you cannot work with a bent shaft and a head designed for a straight stick. It’s either one way or the other, and it’s up to you to understand which works better for you as a player. Also, you may require a shorter stick if you’re a relatively new player. A stiff head is often preferred if you’re a defender or taking the draw. You must decide whether you’d prefer a flat or an angled scoop to it, also.


The heads also feature pockets. Lacrosse stick pockets generally come in traditional styles or a newer variation. The more established version features 4 pieces of leather that run from the scoop to the throat vertically. These are laced with nylon. Typically, these ‘old school’ versions are harder to restring or look after. Also, the leather can weather badly.

Synthetic pockets are simple and cheap to maintain. But you have to compromise how you ‘feel’ the ball.

There are others that feature middle layers replaced with sewn synthetic fabric instead of leather. This option generally covers all levels of play and positions of the game.

best lacrosse heads

Other Factors of Choosing the Best Lacrosse Heads

There are other factors to consider when making your choice based on the position you play in lacrosse, how advanced you are, your personal preferences on how you handle the stick and even legal matters.


Yes, that’s right. If you’re a lacrosse player you must play by the laws as well as the rules. And this comes into consideration when purchasing a new head.

NCAA lacrosse specifies that four points on a lacrosse head must conform to a set of minimum dimensions. A universal head means every level of play [from youth through to adult] and normally will be coded with an X or a U in their name. If a head is approved by the NCAA, it is for college-level lacrosse but not high school and youth levels. Heads legal for all levels apart from NCAA are allowed on the high school and youth level, but not at the college level.


If you play in defense, a stiffer head which features a flat scoop is best. Those playing in attack, however, should opt for a more controlled head. This goes for midfield too. The throat of the head should be pinched and the scoop more rounded.

If you are at a higher level, you may choose a head with less material. This means they become harder to control as they are lighter, but some players prefer this. If you play in goal, your head will feature a bucket. It must be firm, durable, reactive and the correct weight for you. Typically, goalie’s heads have deeper pockets.

Wide or Narrow? Stiff or Flexible?

Wider heads mean it can be easier to control a ball. This means that as you advance you might want a narrower throat. Defense players often choose a stiff head, while midfield and attack might prefer flexible heads for passing and shooting.

Offset Heads

The offset lacrosse head features a drop-down at the throat, where the head connects to the stick handle. This design means that a player controls the ball more effectively. You will be able to hold onto it and pass and shoot it with more precision with an offset lacrosse head.

5 Best Lacrosse Heads of 2019

Now you know what to look out for when it comes to selecting the specific head for your lacrosse stick, it’s time for the fun part: shopping! We’ve selected the best lacrosse heads on the market for you, and written up quick reviews of their features and benefits. Some of them come in strung, unstrung, or an option of either.

1. Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head

Maverik Tank Lacrosse Head

This lacrosse stick head has a sturdy frame and instills an assertiveness into the player to help them dive into ground ball scrums or throw hard checks. The way it’s designed assures the player that your lax head will survive. The Maverik Tank head is perfect for playing in defense. They are particularly reliable for battle against strong attack players. The head features reinforced sidewalls and should last you 2 seasons guaranteed.

2. Warrior Revo 3X Lacrosse Head

Warrior Revo 3X Lacrosse Head

There’s a great deal of reinforcement along the side of this head, making it stiff and sturdy. Warrior is a trusted established brand and it’s Revo 3X is a new addition to the range. But it’s tried, tested and performs excellently. This is simply an improvement on the existing designs and offers extra sidewall options for pocket placement. Its resilience means it will not break on any clashing sticks. It’s available in both strung and unstrung models.

3. Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head

Warrior Evo 4X Lacrosse Head

Warrior’s Evo range is widely used in professional lacrosse. The Evo 4x retains stiffness throughout the head. The perk is that it’s still lightweight enough to give the player a feel for the ball inside. It features SYMRAIL – a design which lets the interior sidewall replicate the exterior one. This makes the head extra secure. It also features the highest number of holes allowed for stringing. It’s customizable with its variety of head colors.

4. STX Goalmaster Head

STX Goalmaster Head

If you play in goal, the Goalmaster is an excellent standby head. Ideal for beginners, it comes strung and ready to go. Despite being designed especially to avoid rattling balls, this is a standard and reliable head. It’s the standard size and scoop angle. And it will work with an average goalie shaft. STX makes some of the best lacrosse goalie heads on the market.

5. Epoch Hawk Prequel Lacrosse Head

Epoch Hawk Prequel Lacrosse Head

The Epoch Hawk is new to the market and is excellent for controlling, releasing, passing and shooting the ball. Ideal for an attacker, the head is flexible. Its strength comes from the composite polymer it’s made with. Not really for starters, it’s the perfect tool for developing and advancing as an attacker.

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