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Looking to hit the field wearing one of the best mouth guards on the market? You should. Learn which are comfortable while protecting that smile here.

When most people think of using mouth guards in sports, they immediately think of contact sports like boxing.

The truth is that most athletes could benefit from using mouth guards. Nobody wants to chip their pearly whites or bite their tongue! The American Dental Association recommends mouth guard use in a wide variety of sports.

Since mouth guards are so important, it’s time to take buying them seriously.

How to Find the Best Mouth Guard for Your Sport

There are a lot of mouth guards on the market, and so many factors can affect the best choice for you. You have to consider the kind of sport you play, comfort, affordability, style, and so many other things.

If you’re new to shopping for mouth guards, we can help you get started.

If you’re going to be protecting your mouth, you might as well be using the best mouth guards money can buy. If you want to get serious about sports protection look into purchasing these mouth guards.

Our Top 10 List of the Best Mouth Guards

Without further ado, here you’ll find a variety of mouth guard options for different athletes.

1. Youth Form Fit Mouth Guard

3 Pack! Youth Form Fit Mouthguard without Strap

Do you have an active family that loves to play sports? Youth Form Fit Mouth Guards may be what you’re looking for.

Youth Form Fit Mouth Guards don’t take long to customize to the shape and size of your mouth. The best part is that they’re not only for kids and adults, they can also easily be cut into almost length.

They’re also latex free and can dry fast (which will come in handy against fighting bacteria). Overall, a great fit for athletes of any age!

2. Sisu 2.4 Max Mouth Guard

SISU MOUTH GUARDS Max 2.4 NextGen mouthguard

Are you the kind of person that hates wearing mouth guards because they feel too bulky?

If so, we’ve found the right mouth guard for you!

The Sisu 2.4 Max Mouth Guard is one of the lightest on the market right now. Their mouth guard is made out of a thin mixture of rubber and plastic that can protect your mouth and not weigh it down.

The Sisu 2.4 Max Mouth Guard is also phthalate free and can be safely worn with braces. This is a must buy for anyone that’s looking for a lightweight mouth guard.

3. Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Mouthguard

Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Mouthguard

Want a mouth guard that isn’t afraid to put its money where its mouth is? Then you need to look into the Under Armour Mouthwear ArmourFit Mouthguard.

This mouth guard has a variety of benefits. It’s chew resistant and has a great fit that can make it feel like it was made by a dentist. It’s also latex free, comes in an array of colors, and is also a proudly American made product.

What really makes this “best mouth guards” material is its warranty. They boast of a $32,000 dental warranty that could pay off medical costs in case of a problem.

4. MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard

MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard with Strap for Football

Are you the kind of person that meticulously cleans their mouth guards after use? It’s always good to keep them clean, but there are some great mouth guards that can help the cleaning process.

The MaxxMMA Advanced Single Antibacterial Mouthguard is antibacterial and very affordable.

It’s EPA andFDA compliant and does a great job of keeping your teeth and gums safe.

5. Shock Doctor Double Bracers Strapless Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Double Braces Strapless Mouthguard

This is another great product for people that think that the best mouth guards are ones that are easy to clean.

The Shock Doctor Double Bracers Strapless Mouth Guard is made out of medical grade silicone which helps make it very flexible. It’s also affordable and simple to use.

Its medical grade silicone makes this model very easy to clean. If need be it could even be boiled and still work!

6. Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion

Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion Mouth Guard

This is without a doubt one of the best mouth guards for people that hate the taste of latex and rubber.

Before we get to the taste, we have to get into just how tough this mouth guard is. It comes with two layers of silicone and a layer of gel that doesn’t just make it great for absorbing shock, it also helps with comfort.

The mouth guard also comes in a variety of flavors. They can literally make playing sports feel like you’re taking a cake walk.

7. Vettex Adult Football Mouth Guard

Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard

Helmets aren’t the only thing football players need to protect themselves on the field. A good mouth guard can protect teeth and gums from the toughest blows.

This could easily become a must have for kids and adults that love to play football. This mouth guard comes with a dental warranty and is very affordable.

This strap adjustable mouthguard is made for football players and can protect mouths from some powerful hits. They also come in both youth and adult sizes.

8. Tapout Adult Mouth Guard

Tapout Youth Special Edition Fang Mouth Guard

Tapout is one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers in the country. It’s no surprise that some would claim that they have the best mouth guards for athletes.

Some Tapout models come with a dual color scheme which can be customized. They even have a few special editions like the ‘Fang’ style featured in the above image. They can also be worn by people with braces and can be easily remodeled.

They’re known for being able to dry quick which can help keep them firm in your mouth.

9. Suddora Mouth Guards

Suddora Mouth Guards - Protective Sports Safety Gear w: Vented Case

Can you not stand having to a wear a mouth guard that doesn’t firmly sit in your mouth?

If you look for grip above anything else when you’re looking for mouth guards, you should consider the Suddora brand. This mouth guard comes with built-in rings that can help keep improve the grip.

No more having to worry about resetting in the middle of a game, this guard is built to stay in place. They also come with vented casing that can help cut down on bacteria growth.

10. Venum Challenger Mouth Guard

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

If you want a mouth guard that can protect against the most intense impacts, you’re going to want to buy a Venum Challenger guard.

The layout is designed to fit snuggly on your teeth and gums. It also has a built-in gel frame to increase comfort.

The guard’s shock absorbing rubber is designed to take a beating. That’s why some UFC fighters and other people that play high-impact sports think these are the excellent mouth guards.

General Thoughts on Mouth Guards

We hope you enjoyed our top 10 list. It makes sense to do your research and find out what is the best mouth guard for your favorite sport. You don’t want something uncomfortable that is going to take your mind of your game when you’re in the thick of things.

Whether you’re shopping for mouth guards or knee compression sleeves, safety equipment in sports is important.

There is no shortage of mouth guards for you to choose from. Did we miss your favorite brand? Do you have a shopping tip that lets you find the best mouth guards?

Let us know!

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