Thanks for being our guest today and joining us in our latest product article: the best swim caps. Swim caps are inevitably found in almost all swimmers’ bags. Competitive and recreational swimmers will employ swim caps to help them during competitions or training. While this simple piece of equipment is not necessary for you to swim, they are aimed to help competitive and casual swimmers reduce the hydrodynamic drag they experience as they swim.

Top 10 Best Swim Caps Review Section

Here are the best swim caps available on the market right now.

1. Speedo Silicone Solid Swim CapSpeedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap

Speedo is the preferred choice for fitness and competitive swimmers. As with the rest of their equipment, their swim caps are top notch. Truth be told, their gear typically runs more expensive than other brands. Fortunately, swim caps aren’t too expensive to begin with.

With a tender, silicone feel and excellent stretch, their silicon solid swim cap is one of the best. This swim cap performs very well under race conditions. This cap will offer you the best in elasticity without sacrificing durability. With the right degree of elasticity, the Speedo Silicone Solid Swim Cap won’t painfully cling to your hair as you take it off or put it on. No more losing a few locks of hair every time you get out of the pool!

2. Speedo Silicone Long Hair CapSpeedo Silicone Long Hair Cap

If you are a regular swimmer with long hair, you might want to try the Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap. This cap reduces drag during the race by eliminating wrinkles occurring at the top of the racers head. Also, the cap firmly grips the racers head with no slippage, even for those athletes with longer hair.

Furthermore, it has an extra space in the back to enable you to tuck your hair in while maintaining a smooth fit. Moreover, if you are looking for a quick and easy to remove or put on the cap without entangling your hair, this is the right cap for you. For a durable, lightweight and superior fitting cap, choose the Speedo Silicone Long Hair Cap.

3. TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone CapTYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap

Before diving into the pool for your next race or swimming lesson, think twice my friend. You may indeed desire a sleek TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Cap before the executing the dive. This cap is rated highly due to its comfort, durability, and the fact that it retains its color and doesn’t fade after a couple seasons.

In addition, the TYR Wrinkle Free Silicone Swim Cap has a non-slip interior with a firm grip to your scalp. This prevents the cap from slipping when diving in the pool and making your turns. The TYR swim cap comes in 11 color styles.

4. The Speedo Solid Latex Swim CapThe Speedo Solid Latex Swim CapAnother cap from Speedo you say?? Speedo is the big dog when it comes to swimming gear. The big difference with this one is the ribbed edge. It ensures an extremely tight fit which not all swimmers prefer.

If you are looking for a swim cap with a ribbed edge, comfortable fit and lightweight design, you will love the Speedo Solid Latex Swim Cap. The ribbed edge feature of the cap prevents it from slipping as you swim. Moreover, it provides more stretch and the general durability that is a staple of Speedo caps. It also protects your long hair from unfavorable water conditions such as chemicals and impurities, which will otherwise cause damage to your hair.

Besides these remarkable features, it is not as comfortable as some of the other options from Speedo. The extra tight fit is not for everyone and every swimmer has their own preferences when it comes to their cap and suit.

5. The TYR Lycra Swim Cap

The TYR Lycra Swim CapThe TYR Lycra Swim Cap was precisely designed to meet the needs of a recreational swimmer. These caps are extremely comfortable and refuse to snag or pull.

The lycra cap is best suitable for use in warm water or in conjunction with an outer cap. The TYR Lycra Swim Cap doesn’t provide any insulating effects like the latex or silicon caps but will provide you with top performance. It has also been designed to precisely fit the swimmer and reduce drag effectively.

6. The Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap for Adults/TeensThe Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap for Adults and Teens

Time for a new brand, The Friendly Swede. This Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap for adults and teens is ideal for fitness, recreational, and competitive swimmers alike. It best suits swimmers with long, curly, and thick hair.

It keeps your hair dry and out of your face as you swim. Even if you have color treated hair this cap does a great job of protecting it from harsh chemicals. Also, it protects your hair from the chlorine found in the pool water and the sun if you are swimming in open water.

Regarding usability, the Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap has comfortable ear pouches, which you can use to cover your ears while under the water. It is also made from tender and stretchable silicone for durability purposes.

7. i-Swim Pro Swimming Capsi-Swim Pro Swimming Caps

i-Swim Pro Swimming Caps is not your ordinary swimming cap but one designed to increase your swimming speeds as well as protecting your hair. The distinctive, bubbled design of this cap displaces the water surface tension, reducing the energy you spend while swimming and consequently boosts your swimming efficiency.

This cap is made from high-quality silicone, designed to fit perfectly onto your head thereby preventing water soak on the inside. Since it is manufactured from top quality silicone, it is nontoxic, eco-friendly and durable.

8. The 2 in 1 Premium Swim Silicone CapThe 2 in 1 Premium Swim Silicone Cap

The 2 in 1 Premium Swim Silicone Capis no doubt a great swimming cap according to the customers’ reviews. While this cap was produced from a high-quality silicon material, it can be used interchangeably on both sides with two different colors.

Besides wearing this cap for swimming purposes, you will not fail to feel its super soft texture. In addition, you will be able to feel not only the comfort of wearing this cap but also experience its durability. Also important to note is that this cap has been designed to fit both men’s and ladies heads without causing any discomfort.

9. The Friendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim CapsFriendly Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Caps

Without no doubt, the Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap best suits long hair. This full white cap is made from top quality silicone material, which ensures the best stretch as well as durability to the user. In fact, the manufacturer has up to five other colors, which can be used interchangeably with the white one.

Also, it has a protective covering which prevents water from entering your ears as you swim. Just like other swim caps, using the Swede Silicone Long Hair Swim Caps gives you more satisfaction.

10. The Speedo Silicone Junior Swim CapThe Speedo Silicone Junior Swim Cap

Unlike other Silicone swim caps, the Speedo Silicone Junior Swim Cap comes in a plastic zip lock reusable package of six different colors.

It is specially designed to fit smaller swimmers and kids thanks to the silicone design of the cap, which makes it to easily come on and off without grabbing the swimmers hair. Additionally, this lightweight cap is durable making it durable and appropriate for day-to-day swimmers.

General Thoughts on Swim Caps

By creating a smooth surface area for water to flow over it, the best swim caps assist swimmers to move faster and fluidly through the water than they would do without the cap. As a result, the swimmers mobility is improved, and the performance is boosted considerably.

With the swim caps, there are various options to choose from, and it is, therefore, important that you find the one that best suits your needs. They are usually manufactured from three main materials: lycra, silicon and latex. As you will read further below, latex manufactured swim caps are the least expensive and are easily torn or broken compared to the silicone swim caps. The silicon swim caps are very thick and strong. As a result, they are very expensive as compared to the lycra and latex swim caps.

What are Some of the Advantages of Swim Caps?

Benefits of Wearing one of the best swim caps

Here are the top reasons swimmers wear swim caps:

Protection from the pool chemicals

In one study conducted by scientists at the University of Waterloo, results showed that when human hair is exposed to chlorine, it gets damaged. There is no swimming cap designed to keep chlorine from coming into contact with your hair as you swim, but with a suitable and appropriate swim cap, you can limit the amount of chlorinated water that comes into contact with your hair.

Swim Caps Help keep your hair in control

Long hair can be problematic as you swim. It can make breathing difficult as well as impair vision especially when it gets wet and gets into your nostrils and eyes. Well-selected swim caps solve this problem by holding your hair together and putting it away from your face as you swim. You can periodically adjust your latex or silicon swim cap to ensure that your hair is in place to prevent it from getting wet.


Swimmers, especially those who compete, will always want to be more efficient athletes and one way they can achieve this is by limiting the drag experienced as they swim. Swim equipment, including swim caps, have been designed to reduce this drag.

Top Brands in Swim Cap development

The most notable swim cap development manufacturer is Speedo. Located in the UK with its origins in Australia, Speedo was founded by a young Scot by the name Alexander MacRaein the early 1900’s under the brand name Fortitude. In 1928, the company changed the brand name to Speedo and every since it has been supplying swimming accessories and competitive swimwear to customers all across the world. With the advancement in technology, the company is constantly looking for new ways to improve and expand its range of products so that it meets its customers’ demands. Speedo is pretty much at the top of most swimming technology when it comes to advancement, quality and style.

Most Common Types of Swim Caps

Types of Swim Caps

The most common types of material employed by the best swim caps are nylon, latex, silicone, and thermal.

  1. Nylon: Although people with long hair widely use the Nylon swim caps, they are not popular with professional swimmers due to the drag factor. Also, other swimmers (besides professional swimmers) will prefer other swim caps over the nylon because of the water flowing through them. This water leaves the swimmer’s hair exposed to chlorine and other pool chemicals, consequently causing damage to the hair. The upside of Nylon caps is that they are very comfortable to wear with most swimmers agreeing that they are best used in open water, in warm weather and water conditions.
  2. Latex: If you are a regular swimmer, you may have worn this cap at one time or another. Latex swim caps are the most popular caps among most swimmers since they are cooler than silicone caps and don’t slip as much initially. Regular swimmers go through latex caps quickly as they stretch and begin slipping or tearing in as little as a few weeks from the date of purchase.
  3. Silicone (flat): Flat silicone swim caps are also popular among swimmers. They are slightly expensive than the Latex and Nylon but are by far durable and overly cause minimal damage to the hair as they are flexible and don’t pull the swimmers hair as much as the latex. Thicker silicone caps are stiffer and properly fit on the swimmers head. For a greater range of flexibility and comfort, flexible silicone caps offer this. While Silicone caps are tender on the swimmers hair, they tend to slip more as compared to the latex caps.
  4. Thermal caps: Made of silicone coated nylon or polyurethane, thermal caps slide on easily without causing any damage to the hair. In addition, they provide more warmth as compared to the silicone and latex caps. To achieve maximum warmth when wearing a thermal cap, use it to provide an extra layer of warmth under a latex or silicon cap.

What are Some of the Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Swim Cap?

How to Select the Best Swim Cap for You

Shopping online or at the physical store for your preferred swim cap is a relatively straightforward task and is usually dictated by the type of swimming activities you engage in. However, there are a few facts that you should have in mind as you purchase the best swim cap for you.

  • The type of material used to manufacture the cap. If you are after a long lasting and durable swim cap, avoid the latex caps at all costs. Caps that are manufactured from neoprene material are more durable. Therefore, you should purchase a silicone or a neoprene cap.
  • Understand the frequency of use. If you are looking for a cap to use while on vacation, buy a latex cap, which is less expensive. If you are looking for a day-to-day cap, buy a lycra, silicone, or neoprene cap. They are strong and meant to serve you for a long time.
  • Your head size and length of your hair. There are caps that are specially designed for dreadlocks or long hair. If you have long hair, you must ensure the cap you are purchasing is long enough to prevent your long hair from coming into contact with the chlorinated water. Most buyers online and at the shops complain about small sized caps, but they forget that it’s their responsibility to know which capsize best suits their hair.

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