If you’ve ever been tubing, you know how exhilarating it can be. The wind, water, and speed combine for a thrill factor that can’t be beaten. The tubing you remember from your childhood spent on the lake, might not look quite like the sport today. While yesterday’s tubes were typically thrifted from cast-off parts like old truck tires, today’s tubes are far more advanced. We’re taking a look at some of the best towable tubes, designed to turn an ordinary boating experience into the time of your life.

As manufacturing progresses, water sports have taken on an entirely new life and are serving a new generation of athletic enthusiasts. Now, everything from water skis to wakeboards are sturdier, more advanced, and better designed — and this includes towable tubes.

Features of the Best Towable Tubes: Out with the Old

Sure, you could attach any old inflatable, circular float to the back of your boat, grab on, and hope for the best. But, as anyone who’s taken a nose dive into the waves can tell you, that’s often not the best idea. Tubes today are designed for maximum efficiency, safety, and performance. This means that while you’re speeding through the water at max speed, you’re not only comfortable — you’re also protected.

Grip:wow ace tubing

Remember anxiously gripping the side of the float when you were younger? Trying your best to find a secure spot to grab, though it was slippery wet? Today’s best towable tubes include sturdy handles, so you can better balance yourself and stay upright, even against the choppiest conditions.

Smooth Ride:

You also may recall your tube experiencing friction against the water as you went across it (especially a problem with rubber tubes). As a result, your ride was bumpy at best, and downright uncomfortable at worst. Now, tubes come equipped with canvas or nylon slipcovers, designed to skip easily and effortlessly across the water, greatly enhancing the riding experience. Some are even equipped with knee pads, ensuring that, even if you do experience a little bit of turbulence, you’re more than covered.


airhead big dog banana people

Another added benefits of these new designs- They’re bigger and roomier, allowing even four riders to fit comfortably — all wearing appropriate Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs) of course. This way, multiple riders don’t have to unsafely crowd into a tiny float, or draw straws to see who gets to ride in front. Now, there are tubes designed to allow the whole family to enjoy the tubing experience.

Top 10 Best Towable Tubes Comparison Table

Here are the most popular towable tubes for boating outings organized by price ascending.

AIRHEAD Turbo Blast290" x 56"
Big Bertha467"
Mach 2269"
Stunt Flyer164"
O'Brien Super Screamer270"
G-Force378" x 75"
O'Brien Round Up470"
Super Mable375" x 73"
273" x 67"
AIRHEAD Big Dog417' 4" x 5'

High Ground Sports Top 5 Picks for Best Towable Tubes

Now that we’ve talked about the benefits today’s best towable tubes have to offer, let’s take a look at some of our favorites on the market right now.

1. AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable

airhead mach 2 towable tube for boating

Kwik Tek makes some of the best towable tubes on the market, with consistently high user ratings and reviews — and for good reason. The products under this line are durable and heavy duty, designed to withstand more than your typical wear and tear. The parent company to sports lines including Airhead and Sportsstuff, both of which offer a variety of inflatable tubes.mach 2 airhead cockpit style tube

The Airhead AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable is Amazon’s top-rated towable tube, and we can see why. This two-seater tube features double cockpit “tube” seats, offering extra support and protection that make it a perfect option for children or more novice riders. If sitting into rather than onto your tube sounds like the perfect, relaxing scenario for you, this tube fits the bill.

This towable tube also includes four handles featuring neoprene knuckle guards, so even if the ride gets a little bumpy, your riders can feel secure.

2. Big Dog Tube

airhead big dog banana towable tube for boating

Another product under the Kwik Tek umbrella is the famous Big Dog Tube, offered by Airhead. These tubes are commercial-grade, banana-shaped inflatables that are as fun to watch as they are to ride. Some are even designed to hold up to six riders. While the Big Dog tubes have been resort mainstays for years, they’re also available for private purchase, so you can take your vacation home with you.

One of the top features of the Kwik Tek brand is that all seams are hot-air overlap welded, so you can rest assured in the product’s safety and stability. The tubes also come with a tow harness that’s double-reinforced with two 316 stainless steel rings, as well as a 316 stainless swivel. This feature helps prevent the tow rope from twisting, keeping it intact for years of play.

3. O’Brien Super Screamer

o'brien super screamer towable tubes for boats

Another towable brand we love is O’Brien. They’ve been creating water gear for more than 50 years, and they know what it takes to make a solid and sturdy towable. Their 2017 line is sorted into 5 categories: Round, Deck, Performance, Seated, and Plush Top. Check out their fun shapes, including options like the Hammerhead and the Sombrero. obrien sombrero towable tubeIf you’re more daring, you won’t want to miss the Super Screamer.

Measuring 70 inches in diameter, the Super Screamer holds up to two riders, includes six handles with knuckle guards, and is fully covered in nylon. It comes from the Screamer line of O’Brien tubes, their best-selling product family.

4. Super Mable Towable

super mable towable tube for boating

Available under Kwik Tek’s Sportsstuff line, the Super Mable Towable is rated as one of Amazon’s best towable tubes. Designed to hold between one and three riders, this towable allows multiple riding options utilizing two tow rope connection points.

It comes with a comfy backrest, foam handles, and air-cushioned sidewalls, for a comfortable ride, no matter how you decide to face! Ready to get on (or off) the water? This towable features a patented “speed safety valve” so you can inflate and deflate your tube quicker than ever before. This means less time setting up your device, and more time enjoying the ride.

5. G-Force 3 Inflatable Towable

airhead gforce infltable tube for towing

Another option provided by Airhead, the G-Force 3 Inflatable Towable is a force to be reckoned with. Its D-shaped deck features two, topside stabilizer fins that allow riders to go against centrifugal force while riding, upping the thrill-seeking experience.

It can hold up to three riders, and also includes six nylon handles with knuckle guards, so no matter how fast you’re going, you’ve got somewhere to hold.

These options and more are available to make your next tubing adventure thrilling, enjoyable, and one you’ll never forget!

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