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A football helmet is the most important part of a football player’s protection. Brain injuries have been a hot topic surrounding football, especially when it comes to youth leagues. It is not enough to have a football helmet; players need to have one of the best youth football helmets in the market. A high quality helmet, with excellent construction and materials will help lower that risk for any player.

League issued helmets are notorious for being uncomfortable, old, and not offering top of the line security. Check out our comparison table of the best youth football helmets, and our more detailed reviews. After that, we have put together a buyers guide that you should read before making your purchase decision.

Comparison Table: 10 Best Youth Football Helmets of 2019

Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football HelmetXS-XL
Schutt XP Hybrid Youth Football HelmetXXS-XL
Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football HelmetS-XL
Schutt Sports Youth Recruit Hybrid Football HelmetXXS-XL
Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football HelmetXXS-XL
Schutt Sports Youth DNA Pro Plus Football HelmetS-L
Xenith X2E Youth HelmetS-XL
Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football HelmetS-XL
Riddell Youth Speed Football HelmetXS-XL
Riddell Youth Revo Edge HelmetXS-XL

Closer Look: Best Youth Football Helmets

Here are the best youth football helmets of available in 2018, we’ve got them in order of price ascending for you, to make comparison shopping no sweat.

1. Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football Helmet
Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football Helmet with Ropo SW YF Attached Guard

The Schutt Sports Youth Air Standard III Football Helmet with Ropo SW YF Attached Guard is an amazing youth helmet. This helmet has a padding that ensures the player is comfortable, DNA jaw pads that protect the player’s jaw from any kind of injuries and a face-guard to protect their face.

The other clutch feature is the fact that the helmet is made of ABS plastic which makes it very light and durable. The helmet is also made in such a way that it can be adjusted for different head sizes, which allows for some ease of ordering for you.

2. Schutt XP Hybrid Youth Football Helmet
Schutt XP Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

The Scutt XP Hybrid Youth Football helmet is perfect if you are looking for a small helmet that will fit your child perfectly and offer great protection. This helmet is not only small in size but also has some incredible features that make it a good youth football helmet.

This helmet is equipped with quality chin straps. Of course, these are important in securing the helmet in order to prevent it from falling or getting knocked off. It is also very light and will therefore not slow down the player.

3. Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet
Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet

Rawlings NRG Force Youth Football Helmet was made with a very simple design. However, it has very useful features that can go a long way in protecting a player. This helmet has an ABS shell that makes it very light.

Along with weight, this shell makes it able to take high and low velocity impacts thereby protecting the player from head injuries.  It also has a heat exchange system that ensures all heat is removed from the helmet as the player plays.

4. Schutt Sports Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet
Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet

Schutt Sports 798004 Youth Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet is a great helmet for youth. It has very good features that ensure the player has maximum protection.

The Recruit Hybrid Football Helmet has TPU it ensures the player is extremely comfortable while playing. It is also designed with a large shell that makes impact absorption even more effective. The helmet is compatible with the Schutt face-guards as well which provides additional protection to the player.

5. Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet
Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet is an incredible helmet that has certain components that make it stand out from the rest. This helmet is made of stainless steel material which makes the helmet extremely durable for play. It’s also going to help with weather resistance as stainless steel does not rust.

The other incredible feature that this helmet has, is the fit linear which is customizable. This enables you to fit the helmet perfectly on different players. It is also constructed with an ABS shell which makes it possible for the helmet to withstand impact.

6.Schutt Sports Youth DNA Pro Plus Football Helmet

schutt sports dna helmet

Schutt Sports Youth DNA Pro Plus Football Helmet has a simple design with strong aspects that make it 9th on our list. Keep in mind, the mask for this helmet is sold separately. So even though it’s at a medium price for most options, you’re still going to need to drop another $20 for a face mask.

All metal on the helmet is made from rust-resistant stainless steel and the helmet has the ABS shell. The helmet also comes with a face mask attached to it, unlike some of the other basic helmet models we have featured.

7. Xenith X2E Youth Helmet
Xenith X2E Youth Helmet

The Xenith X2E Youth Helmet comes with incredible features that are very beneficial for every football player. This helmet is made in such a way that it adapts to the shape of the head ensuring there is perfect fit.

The great thing about this is the fact that you do not need any pumps to get it to fit well. Not only is the helmet ventilated, to keep players cool under heat — but the padding is covered with antimicrobial materials that help prevent odor causing bacterial growth.

8. Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football Helmet
Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football Helmet

Schutt Sports Youth Vengeance DCT Hybrid Football Helmet easily made our list. One of the features you will love in this helmet is the dual compression TPU. This makes it possible for the helmet to withstand very high impact as well as low impact thereby protecting the player from injury.

It’s also equipped with a twist-release system that makes it easy for the player to put on and remove the helmet at all times. The only downside is that Schutt does not include a face mask with this model. However, it could be viewed as a plus, because you have the option of customizing the helmet with any of the Schutt face masks depending on personal preference.

9. Riddell Youth Speed Football Helmet

riddell youth speed football helmet

Riddell Youth Speed Helmet is a traditional style helmet with a faceguard. It’s available in 3 sizes, and just as a warning consumers say it runs small. The nice thing is, you can easily add some air into the pads for a more snug fit. You can check out Riddell’s site for more sizing information.

10. Riddell Youth Revo Edge Helmet
Riddell Youth Revo Edge Helmet

The Riddell Youth Revo Edge Helmet is a very high quality helmet and made it onto our list because of it’s elite impact protection. As you can see from the photo above, it is heavily cushioned on all sides, a rare feature for youth helmets. Most helmet manufacturers do not focus on the sides. However, it is possible for a player to suffer a concussion or head injury from side impact.

It also boasts of a light face mask and inflatable jaw pads. Overall you are getting the most protection for your money with this Riddell helmet.

Selecting the Right Youth Football Helmet: The Big 3

There are three main things to consider when looking for the best football helmet for your student athlete – Fit, Protection and Comfort.Youth Football Helmet Technology


Fit comes first, because even if you buy the highest quality helmet available to you, if the fit is wrong your child may still be at risk for serious injury. A loose helmet means that the head can shift around and the shock absorbing cushions will not be able to properly do their job. If the fit is bad, the helmet will also be likely to come off during play, especially when players get hit hard- which of course is when it is needed the most.


Protection is the next thing to look for. Quality of the helmet is dependent on quality of the cushioning and padding that is installed. It needs to be shock absorbing, scientifically tested, and innovative.


Finally, comfort is the final aspect of finding the best football helmet. While it might not put you at risk, if your helmet is uncomfortable it will be distracting and often deter you from playing at an elite level. It might also mean that you are less likely to secure your helmet on properly- which makes your prone to injury.

Best Youth Football Helmets of this year

Benefits of the Best Youth Football Helmets

There are huge benefits from buying a custom youth helmet. The comfort level will be a lot higher if it is purchased to size. Many helmets are adjustable, but finding one closest to the proper fit is important. If you purchase the best youth football helmet available, it will lead to extreme comfort. The padding that’s included only adds to this.

No need to worry about worn or thin padding if you choose anything from our analysis. It’s the best of the best. This is very important because the slightest discomfort can interfere with a player’s game. For safety ratings check out Virginia Tech’s page.

Another benefit a player gets from a high quality football helmet is that they are often made from extremely lightweight material. With all of the running an movement involved in the sport, the less your football player has to carry in terms of gear weight- better. The last thing a player needs is a heavy helmet slowing them down. A light helmet enables them to move at high speed without feeling like they have extra weight on their head and neck.

Youth Football Helmet Sizing

  1. Use a cloth measuring tape and wrap it around the circumference of the head
  2. Measure with the tape about 1 inches above the eyebrows
  3. Record head circumference measurement
  4. Use circumference measurement to select the correct head size (aka hat size)
Schutt Football Sizing Chart

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Top Brands of Youth Football Helmets

Schutt Football Helments for Youth PlayersThere are three brands which have managed to be at the top when it comes to producing the best youth football helmets. Up first, we have Riddell. This is a company that has been at the top of the industry for a number of years now. They have continuously come up with high quality helmets for novice and experienced football players. They incorporate very important features in their helmets in order to ensure every player has the best protection while on the field.

Schutt is another leading brand in the production of high quality helmets. This company comes up with amazing designs and always delivers in comfort, durability and style. There are numerous professional footballers who use Schutt helmets and have given amazing reviews on the quality of the helmets.

Last but not least is Xenith, they not only produce the best youth football helmets but also high quality professional player helmets. They include very useful and unique features on their helmets that ensure players have the best time playing with the best protection. With this company, you can expect comfort, great design and durability.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Youth Football Helmet

There are several things you need to look for when shopping for a youth football helmet in order to ensure you only leave with the best youth football helmet there is. The first thing you need to look at is the material used to make the helmet. This is important because youth helmets are made with different material compared to the one used for adult helmets. You need to ensure the helmet is made of ABS plastic. This is important because it means the helmet can withstand a lot of force.

The other thing you need to consider is the weight of the helmet. You need a very light youth helmet. This is because it makes it easier for the child to move around the field. Durability is also very important. You can tell whether or not a helmet is durable by looking at the material. ABS is very durable. Padding is also very important because they protect the player’s head and keep him or her comfortable. It is also important to look for protective features such as the face mask and eye shield. Last but not least, make sure the size is right for the player; you need a helmet that will fit perfectly.

Youth Football Helmets

Types of Youth Football Helmets

There are many different types of youth football helmets. Each one is composed of different features and qualities that set it apart from it’s competition.

Youth Football Helmets: Padding

One example of this would be a youth helmet that has inflatable padding. Inflatable padding is most important in helmets because they enable the player to be able to withstand the blows they receive on their heads, and they can also help secure the fit of the helmet a bit better. This type of helmet was initially introduced by a man by the name Vin Ferrara, and is a feature not found in every make and model.

Youth Football Helmets: Visors

Another unique feature would be a helmet that allows for a visor. Football visors can be added on to most models, and you can read more about them in another one of our product analysis pages. Something that has been added in recent years to help keep track of the safety and health of players. The sensors are added to the helmet so that you can calculate the impact the player receives when he is hit. This can help coaching staff monitor when a player might have received a concussion causing hit.

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